About us - family-run production of pelmeni, vareniky, manty...

How did it even start? Coming from Siberia, making pelmeni in the family circle is our tradition that we have passed on from generation to generation. Still the same, still good pelmeni have never deterred us from getting lazy and starting to buy them, even in the market we could not find good quality.

This situation prompted us more than fifteen years ago to start making homemade pelmeni for our friends or for selected, friendly shops. Always only the best meat and handmade. The feedback was so positive that in 2012 we built a official manufacture in Prague’s Holešovice, with all the documents, hygiene requirements… Here we make products that people like and are proud of!

TASTE our pelmeni and you will understand, especially if you compare with others. We do not add anything to the meat filling other than what belongs there: meat, onions, spices. We carefully select the meat from quality Czech farms, the flour for the dough from Czech mills.

Pelmeni has suffered in quality in recent years due to automated production. We are happy to be able to make for you the quality that many of you may have known from the days when the world did not yet know the popular additives, soy and other substitutes.

HAND MADE – Our products are hand made. We don’t have any big automatic machines churning out hundreds of pelmeni straight into bags. Everything is completely “homemade” – each pelmeni is hand filled and sticked by hand. The famous saying “we prefer quality over quantity” would apply here. Many people don’t want to believe it, however you can see for yourself – take a package of our pelmeni and look at the every single one pelmen – each one is different, as each of us who stick them has a slightly different style.

We want to bring back the pelmeni, manty, vareniki or chinkali to your dining table as a traditional dish with which you don’t have to be ashamed to serve to your guests, on the contrary – everyone will appreciate it and everyone will find their own.

We offer you the highest quality product of this category on the Czech market. We believe that it is guaranteed to please your palate and benefit your health.

So, enjoy your meal!