Cooperation with Pelmeně EXTRA

For chefs and restaurants

Don’t be afraid to have pelmeni or vareniki in your menu. Cooking is very simple, you put the packet straight into boiling water and after a few minutes you pull out and serve. Upon delivery, we will be happy to advise you in person (or over the phone) how best to serve the pelmeni and with which sauce or small side dish.

For restaurants, “how many dishes per kilogram do I make?”

In our standard 0.5 kg pelmeni package you will find +/- 45 pieces of pelmeni, while in cheap competitors you may find only half of them. We have an exact meat to dough ratio (50/50), cheap machine pelmeni from competitors are bigger, have less meat and the dough is thicker.
If a customer orders a portion of 250 grams in a restaurant (and believe us, it’s a lot), he will get more than 20 pieces of pelmeni on his plate and he won’t feel that you have cheated him. With cheaper pelmeni you put 250grams on the plate, but maybe only ten pieces. As a result, we are at the same price and most importantly – we guarantee quality.
Since this is a fresh meat, raw filling, the pelmeni must ALWAYS be frozen and preferably shock-frozen. They cannot be delivered as fresh, the meat with the dough starts to darken very soon, so it is important to shock/freeze them. So our pelmeni have not only 100% filling, but also dough – made of Czech flour, kneaded and thin rolled and the result is pure pelmeni. If you see dark pelmeni anywhere – they are from standard freezer (or with bad quality flour).
Pelmeni - why handmade?

You can recognize it by taste, ideally by direct comparison. The dumplings that the machine makes don’t taste as good – they have to be floured more, the filling has to be prepared to suit the machine. Hadnmade is without added unwanted substances.

For shops & restaurants

In addition to wholesale prices, we are able to provide you with promotional materials, and in case of a good cooperation we will also provide you with technology – e.g. a freezer.

We welcome cooperation, tell us more!